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Der Herzerlfresser

A cinematic Moritat with the length of 1400 heart beats about a servant, whose heart is broken and can only be cured by eating the hearts of seven young virgins. A story about the superstition of a single man and the disaster which comes out of it.

Stanzi, the great love of the servant Paul, is pregnant and desperate. Paul is no help to her, because he loses all his money in gambling. All of a sudden Stanzi disappears. Paul`s friend Toni tells him, that a body was found in the water. It is very linely that it is the body of Stanzi.

Paul feel guilty that he left Stanzi alone and he develops an evil plan: If he eats the heart of seven virgins he will become invisible and can reunite with Stanzi again. So Paul becomes a bestly murderer witout any any mercy and he even kills the bride of his best friend.

As Toni finds the hearts which Paul collect in a box, it is already too late. The last victim is dead. Paul is killed by Toni but before he dies he has a vinia of Stanzi and find out that he is still visible and his child in June.